Some villa rules for all

Please read the individual villa brochure for the owners own rules, but generally:

• Safety, security, keys – look after keys – don’t lose them
• Make sure that villa doors and windows are closed and locked if there is no one is in the villa, day or night
• Show respect to the maids
• Keep the common rooms tidy
• Regularly clean up cups, glasses, etc, and wash up, don't leave it all to someone else, do your fair share!
• Don’t spill drinks or leave marks on the furniture
• Breakages – don’t break anything, but if you do, eg drop a glass, let Tony or Tim know
• Take your turn at the washing up, making the tea/coffee, shopping etc
• Don’t expect others to clean up after you. We are all in this together!
• Shake off sand from your clothes shoes and towels before coming back into the villas
• Respect one another’s privacy.

• No smoking in the villas – at all. Smoking outside is ok but not near other non-smokers, please use an ashtray by the pool.
• Anyone found to be using drugs will be sent back to the airport in a taxi without notice, models will lose their full fee and will also be required to refund the cost of their airfare. The photographers will not be able to claim any refund.
• Please empty ashtrays regularly, don’t leave fag ends lying around – it's untidy, and ruins photos when shooting.
• If you take glasses out of the villa to the poolside etc, keep them safe – we don’t want breakages where people are walking around in bare feet. Take them back inside when finished with.
• Don’t take villa towels down to the beach, or get them covered in suntan oil.
• Please don’t take stuff from any villa to another ie towels, glasses, cutlery etc. If for any reason you do, take it back. We will get charged if things are missing from any villa – they are owned by different people.
• Noise, don’t make too much noise late at night – most nights a number of people in each villa are likely to be up very late – just think of those trying to sleep.
• Similarly in the morning – not everybody has to get up to work – just think of those who may only just have gone to sleep or want a lie in.

The Algarve Beach


The Algarve woods and beaches are lovely to photograph beautiful models in the sun.

Algarve on location


Plenty of fantastic location opportunities for 1-1 photography

The Algarve Sea


Summer sun at the beach in the Algarve

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