Your health, safety and security is your own responsibility, but it is also very important to me. When you arrive, the villa brochures will cover many relevant issues and should be read by all, but in addition:

    • I would like to know, before booking, of any serious potential health/medical issue
    • Please note - you do need to be fairly fit and agile. There can be a degree of exertion given the purpose and nature of the holidays, as some of our best beach locations can be a little difficult to access, with an element of walking, some low–level climbing, crossing of rocks, and certainly walking on soft sand. Let me know before booking if this is likely to be a problem.
    • If concerned about valuables while away, talk to Tony or Tim
    • Generally don’t leave valuables lying around, lock them away
    • Don’t leave things on view in the cars and vans when unattended at any time
    • Make sure cars and vans are locked at all times
    • Look after villa keys, ensure villa doors and windows closed and locked if no one is left in the villa and also at night ensure doors are locked
    • Keep an eye open for any strangers taking an interest in the villas and inform Tony or Tim
    • Look out for one-another, being respectful at all times
    • Keep one-another informed of movements at all times
    • Remember the address of where we are staying, put it into your smart phone or write it down and keep it on you at all times
    • Don’t tell strangers where we are staying – and certainly DO NOT invite any strangers to our villas at any time for your own safety, don’t forget our equipment is valuable.

Finally, Don’t Forget

It’s amazing what people need or want on holiday but forget to bring!

Just some examples include:

    • Your toothbrush
    • Your music if you need it - iPods, radios, etc
    • Alarm Clocks
    • Hairdryers
    • Mirror
    • Electric adaptors for your music, hairdryers, battery chargers, etc
    • Batteries
    • Sun lotions etc
    • Books and magazines
    • Beach towels
    • Glasses/Contact lenses
    • Sunglasses
    • Phone chargers
    • Money
    • Etc

The Algarve Beach


The Algarve woods and beaches are lovely to photograph beautiful models in the sun.

Algarve on location


Plenty of fantastic location opportunities for 1-1 photography

The Algarve Sea


Summer sun at the beach in the Algarve

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