To start the trip to the warmer Algarve in Portugal the first stop is London Gatwick Airport, waving goodby to the trusty suitcase and find the rest of the group and models having a coffee (or normally something a little stronger). Once on board the flight it’s a little over two hours later and arrival time in Faro Airport Portugal where you can feel the change in climate at once.

Get the suitcase and jump into the cars or mini-bus and we’re off on about a 45 minutes drive to the Villas taking in plenty of scenic views along the way. Once everyone is allocated into their respective villas we have a get to know each other meeting in one of the local bars where everyone introduces their self to one and all. Following this some pop along to the close by supermarket to stock up the villa with snacks and drinks, while others get a bit of sun or catch up on some sleep before the first formal gathering for the evening meal in one of the many close by restaurants where everyone continues to get to know one another and share a few jokes. Some of the group head for a local bar for a few drinks while other may opt for an early night after a long day.

The first morning it’s normally off to one of the many fantastic local beachs for the first group shoot; normally all the models and photographers jump into the transport for around a 10 minute drive from our villas. The beaches generally have coarse sand, the coves have fabulous rock formations which give super back drops and some smaller rock formations into the sea where the models can reach without any trouble. Once the morning session is over and the beach bar is open everyone piles in for a refreshing drink, chat and review of photos taken before heading back to the villa’s.

Normally on most days included one-to-one sessions follow each mornings group shoot, a few hours free time follow before the afternoon included one-to-one sessions which are then followed by the afternoon group shoot. There is plenty of time where one-to-one sessions can be booked directly with the models each day throughout the stay, or you can venture off shopping to Albufeira just a few miles away or simply relax and catch some sun around the pool’s at the villa’s.

The afternoon group shoot session on the first afternoon would normally use one of the villa’s, on other days we would venture off to shoot at local ruins, woods, beaches where we normally split into small groups, swapping and changing as the shoot progresses. With plenty of opportunities for back drops some stunning shots can be taken in a very relaxed atmosphere.

We are bringing in a couple of very early morning shoots and early evening shoot this year to add to the variety of the holiday and again offer plenty of opportunity for many varied images.

If you are wanting to sample the nightlife following the evening meal there are many clubs and bars in nearby Albufeira where the models love to take part in the karaoke, taxis are advised and very reasonable rather than driving.

This is a very quick overall look at the typical Algarve Photographic Holiday with the F8 Photo Club which finishes off at the end of the week with the farewell meal. Although there is much, much, more fitted into the week in the sun. Book up now for the next trip, you won’t be disappointed.


The Algarve Beach


The Algarve woods and beaches are lovely to photograph beautiful models in the sun.

Algarve on location


Plenty of fantastic location opportunities for 1-1 photography

The Algarve Sea


Summer sun at the beach in the Algarve

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